No need for prove


If you have to prove to him that you are perfect for him.

It simply means he is not perfect for you.

A man who loves you and is for you would not need you to prove yourself to him.

Do not stay with a man who would make you feel less than yourself.

Love yourself a little more and get out of the relationship.

If you are lucky enough, and he leaves you first, rejoice and celebrate because he is only setting you up for someone better.

No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to convince him.

You will only succeed in allowing you feel lesser than yourself.

Simple Trick To Neatly Pack Your Necklace

Many of us do not have enough patience to start detangling a necklace that has transformed into mangled balls of frustration.

Have you ever finished dressing up only to open your jewelry box to discover that your necklace has turned into a jumbled ball?

Here is a simple trick that would work and costs you little or nothing

A drinking straw! Is just the perfect solution

straw to pack your necklaces

Are you wondering how that can help? Here is how to use it.

  • Unhook the clasp of your necklace and thread part of it through the straw.
  • Clasp the necklace so that the straw is now a barricade for any possible knotting.
  • Place the necklace in a fitting jewelry case and you put your mind at rest for whenever you need to use it.





Discernment as a gift of the spirit was not just one more gift
but for the use of believers expecially in this days

Days of false doctrines and carnal interpretation of scriptures

He is a man of God does not mean he hears directly from God
He heard frequently from God does not mean he cannot preach from knowledge gathered
or what he heard has not been sieved

you do not have to attend every programme or allow every man of God lay hands on you.

pray that the Lord give you a discerning spirit that you may know and not fall prey


Knowing God

what we know about God should not be based on what our pastors told us or what we have read from book.

God wants a personal relationship with us

If all you know about God are things you heard from a third part then you need to retrace your steps

There is nothing as sweet as hearing directly from God

He relates with you based on your person

Seek God for yourself today!



During ‪#eveningofworship @TheArk yesterday
I heard Him whisper into my ears again

I travelled down memory lane
To crossover service at ‪#TheArk from last year to this year
When He had told me
‪#dancewithme throughout this year

Then I realized I had been dancing with and without him for the past 217days
I had danced with my struggles, pains, questions, doubts
and every other person apart from Him or alongside Him

He held out His hand to me and said to me
I smiles and went straight into His arm

Though I’ve spent 217 days in and out of our dance floor
In the arms of my lover I have return to dance again
All He ask me to bring to the dance floor is MYSELF
He will provide every other thing needed.

As often as I can I would give you a glimpse into our dance.
Feel free to join our dance


Right relationship (5)

When a guy tells you the reason he needs you in his life
is the fault of another person or circumstance,
you can be certain you are just an alternative.
If he desires you because his girlfriend his faraway
or not meeting-up to expectation etc.
be sure when she does he will leave you without looking back.

Right relationship (4)

Any guy who will un-apologetically leave his girl to be with you
Will do the same to you when he meets someone better.
Then you will have nothing to defend yourself because
You allowed him do the same to the person you took over from.
What goes around comes around!
Do not mistake being used for being loved
If he didn’t make it work with her
It definitely can’t work with you!

Right relationship (3)

Trust me I know how it hurts
After days, weeks, months or even years of giving your best to the relationship
You discover it just won’t work
No matter how hard you try
Or how much you want it to

Right relationship (2)

You had better WAKE UP!
No matter how hard you try to make it work
Or how long you ensure to keep it going
That relationship won’t still fit
If it isn’t God approved